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Why Bfitt:60?

We offer only the best, including certified coaches and top tier programming. You'll find personalized modifications to meet your needs and limited class sizes for a customized workout that helps you tone muscles, burn calories, and avoid plateaus.
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Expect Results

Your fitness is our mission, and our studios provide the resources you need to succeed. We'll help you identify your goals and develop a targeted routine, provide guidance for proper technique, and motivate you when you need a boost. Most of all, your Bfitt:60 family will celebrate your successes right along with you!
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Choose Bfitt:60 Today

If you're committed to working hard for your fitness, you want results. Our studios offer a unique blend of classes and community that provide a customized experience, and you'll be surrounded by others who are dedicated to the same. Now's the time to try Bfitt:60!