Erin C.

In April 2022, I signed up for personal training with Leah. I knew Leah from the BFitt60 classes and knew that she would push me in my workouts and also provide me with the support I needed as I got back into my workout routine after having my first baby. I started seeing results from my workouts and Leah recommended the B L.E.A.N 6-week challenge in September. I was hesitant because I didn’t know anything about counting macros, I didn’t like tracking my food, and truthfully, didn’t think I would stick to it and give up halfway through. Well with Leah’s full encouragement and support, I signed up and it was the best decision I ever made! Understanding the macros was very easy with all the information and resources that are provided by Lisa and Rob, I ended up loving tracking my food and for the first time ever I stuck with it and completed the challenge! I lost weight and many inches, but my biggest takeaway was the new learnings I got from the challenge.

Even though the challenge ended after the 6-weeks, I continued to track my food, monitor my macros, and utilize the information that I learned from the resources provided in the challenge. Seeing what I was able to accomplish in just 6 weeks, and never once feeling like I was on a diet, I had no hesitation to sign up for a 2nd round of the B L.E.A.N challenge in January 2023. I was excited to see how much more weight I could lose and the inches that would come off! I just finished the 2nd round, and I feel the best I have ever felt in my whole life!!

This challenge has changed my whole fitness journey. Losing weight and inches is always a great feeling but the education and the relationship with food that I gained from the challenge is even more meaningful. Each round I learned new things and applied those new learnings to continue to improve. I have had great results so far, but I am not done. Currently in round 3 and even more excited than last time to continue to learn more and see more results!

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