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Membership FAQ's

Have questions? Check out our FAQ's below.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to meet with one of our team members. Our friendly staff will ask a few simple fitness history questions, set you up on our heart rate monitor system, introduce you to your session coach and give you an overview of the day’s workout. Our team will make you feel at home and answer any additional questions you may have before or after your workout.

Each day has a different focus based on our session type and varied workouts based on the monthly program cycle. Expect a 60 minute full body workout focused on strength training circuits or high intensity intervals (HIIT) depending on the day of the week.

Yes! Our certified coaches can provide modifications for all fitness levels to ensure you have a great personalized experience.

We utilize HR monitor technology to track your workout effort including calories burned, average heart rate and effort points. This is a great way to compare your workout results over time and provide you and our coaches real time feedback during the session. You’ll receive an email after class with your results and all data is stored on the Bfitt60 app.

You can cancel through your app, by calling us directly or online up to 8 hours prior to session start time.

Yes by creating a myiclub account you will be able to manage such things as: payments, payment history, book sessions, view your agreement and much more!

It’s easy to update your billing information

  1. Just call ABC Financial @ 877.867.9262
  2. Visit www.myiclub.com

We love guests! We just ask that you call ahead to reserve their spot!