Lose Your Belly, Not Yourself: What to Expect from BFitt:60 Group Training

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You step into our Newton studio for your first class; your arms are heavy, knees are weak, palms are sweaty –- and I’m sure you know what’s happening with Mom’s spaghetti…

Don’t worry, your first class will not go down like B-Rabbit’s failed rap battle in 8 Mile; however, that doesn’t negate the reality that starting a new training program can feel overwhelming or intimidating. Making a lifestyle change is an undertaking that takes more than motivation; it takes accountability, support and community. Watch 8 Mile and you’ll realize B-Rabbit didn’t achieve success alone, he had a team in his corner, and he had to overcome his initial fears to take that first step towards change.

Psychology reveals a strong correlation between emotions and motivation. Emotions and motivation are driven by energy and intensity instead of information and direction. That is why trying to stay motivated to lose weight and get in shape can feel like an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. Although motivation can provide that initial spark to make a change, it is not enough to see you through to your results. This is how you fall into the vicious cycle of trying to get your dream body and quitting in less than a month after not seeing results.

Now before you pull a B-Rabbit and resist making changes for fear of failure, know that 80% of people who follow a structured plan achieve their goals. The odds only get better when you have a support system in place. According to the numbers, the absence of a plan is the main culprit that leads to broken dreams in the gym. This chronic narrative of past failures can make your dream body feel so unattainable that you can feel Mom’s spaghetti bubbling up in the pit of your stomach. Or worse, you start settling for a version of yourself that you’re unhappy with and continue to damage your self-esteem.

Time to flip the narrative and break the cycle. You have the spark and we have the plan – let’s conquer this together!

BFitt60 is a signature strength training program in Newton that uniquely combines the fun, motivational energy of a group training environment with a personalized touch from one-on-one coaching.

The workouts are designed to be as efficient as they are effective with a 3-phase approach (core strength/stability, muscle hypertrophy, and performance) that follows our F.I.T.T. principle, the four key elements that drive the results behind each workout.

  • Frequency – Varied exercise selection and session types allow for greater workout frequency without overtraining. The variation makes BFitt adaptable to any schedule. Our coaches work with you to determine your optimal frequency
  • Intensity – Utilizing heart rate monitor technology provides instant feedback to gauge workout intensity for each individual in class. Our coaches are able to adapt the intensity in order to maximize each client’s calorie burn during class and stimulate EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), also known as the “after-burn effect”.
  • Time – All sessions are 60-minute full-body workouts that include warm-up, strength, cardio, flexibility and recovery work.
  • Type – Both session types utilize strength circuits and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to promote muscle development and accelerate fat loss. Strength classes emphasize functional movement and use progressive overload to challenge the muscular strength, power and performance. Burn classes put a greater emphasis on muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Our coaches will guide you on which sessions to focus on to reach your goals and optimize your results!

Not only are the workouts designed to help you move better, feel energized and see noticeable muscle tone, you have the support and motivation from an energetic and caring community! It really takes a village and being surrounded by others with whom you can relate to and sweat with to make all the difference when your morning alarm goes off and you’re debating sleeping in over getting that Burn class in before work. When accountability, motivation, and perseverance are shared between a group of individuals with a common purpose — and that purpose is to show up, have fun, and sweat your way to a healthier, happier you!

So, your palms may get a little sweaty, your knees (well, legs) may feel weak and your arms will feel heavy with weights BUT you have a coach in your corner with a plan that is scientifically proven to get results! Your friends are waiting at the best studio in Newton, excited to crush class with you and take victorious sweaty selfies.

Take a deep breath, say hi to your coach and take your station; class is now in session 🙂

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