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The BFITT:60 Experience
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Your Experience

Welcome to Bfitt:60 in Newton! You’ve taken that first step toward improving your health and wellness, and we’re here to join you along the way.


Our Bfitt:60 studio is a community of coaches and members who strengthen and support one another, and our top-of-the-line equipment will challenge your body and drive you toward results. We’ll customize your exercise experience, coach you when you need guidance, and motivate you to dig even deeper.


Your Results

You are unique, and our services are tailored to your individual fitness needs and goals. We’ll help you identify what’s achievable and then design a plan to get you there.

Your customized workout will keep you active and moving, so there’s no danger of a plateau that will knock your motivation off track. Our programs will challenge your body and maximize your workout for greater calorie burn — even after you’ve left the studio. Are you ready for results? You’ll find them at Bfitt:60.